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Goodbye YouTube, hello Roku.

Roku makes streaming media gamers that connect to your TV ... allowing people to enjoy streaming TELEVISION networks on demand.

Get your OWN channel

TV Boss allows you to set up your channel, upload streaming videos and manage every aspect of your channel from one simple control panel. If you ever had a dream of have your own channel you have the chance here.

You get all the help

With us on your team you will get your channel up and running. All manage from your own website. "Just upload" your videos and you will get your channel up after the Ruko approval. You get access to all training videos

TV Boss is a paradigm shift in earning money online. Never before had Unrivaled Review been presented with such a unique and exciting opportunity to generate a profitable revenue stream. We found TV Boss to be a complete package; not just by providing the software and platform to create our TV Channel, but to provide an in-depth and easy to follow course in how to get the most out of it.
Alene Elvine
We allow people to enter the TV market and obtain the recognition, traffic and income for what is objectively a crazy-low price. Up until recently that was the playground only for the rich with the team of experts. With TV Boss and a tiny amount of money, a SINGLE person can easily run MULTIPLE TV channels and benefit for years to come.
Jonas Gerber

Ready to give TV Boss a try

Get your own TV Channel

Now easier then ever - you can have your own TV channel. With Roku you are able to make your own TV today.

"I put TV Boss through it's paces and I have to say... Easy to use software, great training and results almost right off of the bat! Sheer brilliance! GREAT JOB GUYS!"
Sara Dree

What do I need to create my Roku channel?

Let’s be clear… this is NOT like YouTube. With Roku, you don’t upload videos to a website like you do with YouTube.

You host videos yourself. Whether it’s on Amazon’s S3 cloud, Vimeo Plus, or your own private server.

We’ll show you exactly how to set it up in the next 30 minutes… and start filling your new channel with streaming videos that get tons of viewers, subscribers and ad revenue.

Most people have no clue how to do this… which means there’s far less people becoming channel owners, and far less competition than YouTube…

… which means a huge money-making opportunity for you!

With TV Boss, it’s so easy to get started…

… you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.

You don’t need any expert skills or technical experience.

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Will TV Boss work on PC and Mac?

Yes. It is best to install TV Boss on your website (it’s a simple upload and unzip operation). If you prefer, you can run it on your local computer too (PC, Mac, Linux…), but then you must have the web server running and the static IP address. Remember, people can watch TV on demand 24/7.

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I’m not very technical, is this going to be hard?

Nope. We’ll walk you through everything on video. Just watch, follow along, and use the software how we show you, and you’ll have your first profitable Roku channel live and collecting cash before you know it! Plus, we’re here to support you, 7 days a week, if you ever need to ask a question. We refuse to let you fail!

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fall in love with our features

Instant free traffic

Public Roku networks ON A REGULAR BASIS get up to 10,000 + customers in the initial month alone, with no promotion or advertising and marketing ... just by turning up. There's hardly any competitors and also Roku customers are staved of material today ... your timing is ideal!

Instant Authority

Why waste years blogging, vlogging, doing interviews, guest publishing, writing free reports, doing webinars ... when you can become an immediate authority with your very own TV channel instead? This is exactly just how Dr Phil, Oprah and also plenty of others became leading authority numbers ... trusted by millions of people everywhere. Currently you can do the same ... Or if you choose ... Simply sit back & make money big bucks as OTHER people run their shows on your network. Get the exact same sort of exposure as media titans like YouTube, HuluPlus, Netflix, PBS and even more ... Giving you extra reputation than any individual else in your particular niche, winning depend on as well as transforming viewers right into clients, leads as well as clients on an entire brand-new range.

Direct Sales

simply by promoting your OWN products & services and maintaining 100% of the profits

One—click monetization

You don't need to search for associate programs, offer advertising and marketing to advertisers, or have your own product and services. Roku instantly locates advertisers for your brand-new TV channel, while you sit back as well as gather the PayPal settlements! You can even transform your network right into a paid subscription, collecting assured monthly paychecks like clockwork (Roku maintains 30% of your payment).

Get paid DIRECTLY by Roku advertisers

instantly. Just turn on Ad Earnings sharing in your control panel as well as get paid as people listen!

Private Deals

make money from video manufacturers that intend to show their video clips on your network Added bonus offer - you'll still bank PASSIVE advertisement revenue also by sharing OTHER INDIVIDUALS's videos on your network!

Make your own tv channel

It have never been more easy to make your own channel